The Law Office of James A. Whittaker, LLC., located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a highly experienced staff dedicated to helping you with your legal matters.  At our firm, our clients come first.  Every client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation.  Our law firm is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client.

 We Practice Law Differently:
We keep our clients well informed of all aspects 
of their claim.
 · We keep all medical providers up to date with the
most recent activities in your claim.
 · We encourage attorney-client contact so you always know what is happening with your claim.

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  • Over 35 years of Worker's Compensation legal experience.
  • A full staff to help you as you face legal challenges.
  • Competitive fees - Our attorney fees don't get paid if you don't get paid.  We work to help you get your absolute best outcome.
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